Cordial-Kitten-self-portrait-2013-white-background-web2-295x600Candice Hartsough McDonald started her career as a small child making friendship bracelets that she sold from her handmade catalog, and tracing the drawings out of her children’s books trying to pass them off as her own. Today she is a freelance illustrator who has actually drawn the pictures in a few published children’s books (she swears she did them all by herself), and sells prints and personalized portraits at shows and through her online shop. She considers herself to be a master at creating Amazing Cute Animals You’d Want To Snuggle, but has also honed her ability to draw people after creating close to 130 Personal Family Portraits for people across the world. She works primarily in watercolor and graphite, but has a special love for colored pencil and embroidery.

For project inquiries please email her at cordialkitten [at] gmail [dot] com