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8×10 Value Portrait


**Please order portraits from me at Portraits are not actually out of stock, rather I am having a problem with my web store. Thank you for your understanding.**

Tired of the same old family picture you have taken year after year? I can help you change things up a bit by making you a one-of-a-kind drawing. Impress your friends when you tell them it was made by a published children’s book illustrator.

So, what IS a Value Portrait? It’s an original one-of-a-kind painting featuring whoever you want (you, your family, your pets, your parents, your favorite teacher, etc), drawn in the Cordial Kitten style. Each image is a watercolor and graphite mixed media piece on thick, archival Stonehenge paper.

See below for more information!

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Product Description

When you purchase a Full Service Portrait you get an original painting along with a small .jpg to use on your facebook, blog, etc. (Please note: having your image made into a greeting card or any other type of reproduction will result in an additional fee).

Typically orders work like this:

  • You order.
  • I’ll give you my email address, and you email me as many pictures as you’d like of the family/pet/person who will make an appearance in the portrait.
  • Please note that the Value Portrait does not include a full background. A simple wash of color, or a banner with a name or special date is ok. If you require a full background, please purchase a “Full Service” portrait from my shop.
  • After discussing your final image, I will produce and send a sketch for your approval. You can make any changes you see fit (up to three revisions).
  • When we’ve agreed on the sketch I will begin on the final color version of the piece.
  • When it’s finished, your drawing will be carefully packaged up and sent out directly to you.

Seem like a lot of steps? It’s actually not so bad, I promise!

The final piece will remain the copyright of Candice Hartsough McDonald.

Generally portraits take about a month to complete, but can sometimes be more or less than that depending on my schedule. Please contact me for information.

Please message me for information regarding invitations or other printed material. Examples of printed items include:

  • invitations
  • thank you cards
  • note cards
  • postcards
  • giclee prints
  • posters
  • anything else you can think of, really!

And yes! I do accept international orders. Please contact me first, and we’ll make it happen!


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